EG Machinery Directive and CE-marking

RISE provides reviews and analyses of directives and standards and give guidance concerning the understanding of directives and standards . The following are a selection of our services in connection with the Machinery Directive.
We offer services within the following areas:
  • Application of the Machinery Directive
  • Machinery control systems, functional safety (SIL, PL categories)
  • Requirements specified in standards, e.g. emergency stop functions
  • Technical documentation
  • Application of standards
  • Use of work equipment (AFS 2006:4)
  • The New Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC)
  • Evaluation (verification, validation) of machinery control systems, including Annex IV machinery
  • Support for risk analysis and risk assessment
  • training courses concerning the understanding of the Machinery Directive
  • Risk analysis and risk assessment of machinery
  • Examination of technical documentation
  • Evaluation of requirements specified in standards
The Machinery Directive

If a machine manufactured after 1st January 1995 is to be legally used, it must be CE-marked and fulfil the requirements of the relevant directives applying to it.  The Machinery Directive sets out the basic safety and health requirements relating to safety that must be fulfilled by various types of machines before they can be used. 
Machines manufactured before 1st January 1995 must meet the requirements set out in AFS 2006:4 (Use of Work Equipment), which also imposes a liability on the owner of the machine to ensure that both CE-marked and non-CE-marked machinery can be used with adequate levels of safety. 

In practice

As the Machinery Directive has been drafted with the aim of being applicable to various types of machines and machinery, its requirements are expressed on a general level.  In practice, therefore, the manufacturer of a machine etc. applies the requirements of standards applicable to the particular type of machine in order to be able to declare that the machine is safe. 

Documentation to provide the proof

Technical documentation is needed in order to show that a machine has been manufactured in accordance with the requirements in the Directive.  One of these requirements is that a risk analysis should have been performed.  
RISE is able to provide advice and assistance in dealing with documentation requirements or preparation of documents.  

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