Materials for use in wet areas

SP is the only testing institute in Sweden, which is accredited by the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC) for the current testing methods.

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In the new Swedish building legislation (Boverkets byggregler BBR), which was published July 1, 2006 was some news which have influence on materials/ constructions how are used in wet
areas. There are tow new requirement for water vapour resistance and resistance to alkaline.

Out of the text in BBR a list of properties can extract.

  • Water tightnessDurability against alkali from concrete and mortar (New)
  • Durability against water
  • Durability against variation of temperature
  • Durability against movements in the under layer
  • Sufficient water vapour resistance (New)
  • Water tightness at joins
  • Water tightness at connection
  • Water tightness fixings
  • Water tightness at bushing
  • Cleanability

In the general recommendation in Swedish building legislation in connection to the requirement of "Sufficient water vapour resistance" are a recommendations that the water vapour resistance should be more than 1 000 000 s/m (136,7 GPa·m²·s/kg or Sd-value of 26,7 m) and this value shall be measured under conditions which are reflecting the conditions where the material/construction will be used. The recommendation is the use 100 % RH in moisture loading and store the test specimen in 75 % RH during the test.

Within some year there will be CE-marking for watertight coverings for wet room according to Guideline for European technical approval (ETAG 022). SP has take part in the work with this guideline and has good knowledge about the tests which are described in the guideline. SP has already the possibility to perform all the tests which are described in the guideline.

Trade standards (rules)

In Sweden there are several trade standards (rules) in the market for material for use in wet areas. The trade standards at the time of writing is:

  • BBV - Byggkeramikrådets branschregler för våtrum. 
  • GBR:s Branschstandard för vattentäta väggbeklädnader och tätskikt av plastmattor.
  • GBR:s Branschstandard för vattentäta golvbeläggningar och tätskikt av plastmattor.
  • Måleribranschens branschstandard för våtutrymmen.

In this trade standards (rules) are requirement on certain properties based on the different materials properties. Some of the properties are in common e.g. water tightness, water vapour resistance, water tightness after movement in the underlying layer and resistance to alkaline. Other properties are more product specific e.g. dimensional stability, joint strength and deformation taking capacity in ceramic wet room constructions. SP has of course the possibility to offer testing according all the methods in the trade standards (rules).

Testing at SP of materials/constructions for use in wet areas

How shall I do to have my material/construction tested?

Contact SP for discussion of the actual testing’s and information of price.

Send the products to:

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Ingvar Demker
Brinellgatan 4
SE-504 62 BORÅS

SP performs the necessary investigations and reports the results from the investigations to the customer.

Approval from the trade associations

There are no reporting to the trade associations from SP.

Send application of approval, copy of the test report, assembly instructions and other documentation to the trade association. It is not SP which issues the approvals. This is done by the trade association.

Decision of approval is made of the trade association’s technical committee and material/construction is taken up on the approval list of the trade association.

Agreement of annual control are made with the trade association.

Testing – standards, methods

The testing of material/construction for use in wet areas at SP are preformed according to European and Swedish national standards. SP has been very active to invent new test methods together with the trade associations. This has resulted in several SP-methods.

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