Mechanical engineering industry

SP provides wide-ranging technical support for manufacturing industry. In addition to technical evaluation and research, we supply services in the fields of certification and calibration.

SP assists the industry through its expertise in the fields of environmental resistance, life length technology, strength of materials, shock and collision processes, vibration and fatigue. 

We are also active in fields such as personal safety and personal protective equipment, crash safety, child safety and safety in the transport of hazardous goods. 

The Machinery Directive regulates the safety of persons in relation to machinery. The SP Group has some of Sweden's foremost specialists in inspection and risk assessment of machinery and production lines, as well as in evaluation of the safety of control systems for machinery. 

Materials technology is a wide working area, with different disciplines for different materials.  SP possesses expertise in the mechanical properties and damage and failure mechanisms of metallic materials (strength, fatigue), polymer materials (plastics and rubber) and several other materials, such as rock, concrete and wood.

Risk and Safety

RISE has a comprehensive and broad competence within the area risk and safety.Read more...

Fatigue and vibration

Fatigue is by far the most common failure mechanism of mechanical structures. However, the underlying mechanisms are extraordinarily complex, and often hidden for the designer.Read more...

SAFER – Research and innovation for traffic safety

SP is a partner of SAFER the Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers. The vision of SAFER is to provide countermeasures to considerably reduce both the number of traffic accidents and the number of fatalities and serious injuries.Read more...

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