Safety of machinery

Safe machinery means that potential mechanical risks are kept under control. The EU Machinery Directive sets out the basic health and safety requirements for all machinery, whether used in industry or privately. Our work in this sphere includes risk analyses, tests of safety features, function testing etc.

Machinery manufacturers, machinery users and companies selling machinery throughout the EU are affected by the Machinery Directive. We can perform risk analyses, tests, design verification calculations and investigations of accidents or damage that have occurred. Failure mechanics, fatigue and finite element calculations are also among our speciality working areas.

Control of machinery is one of the working areas in which RISE possesses special knowledge and experience. It is essential that functional safety, system behaviour at fault and the safety principles incorporated in the design of all types of control systems should be evaluated. The use of software-based programmable electronic systems is increasing.  We can test such systems for compliance with the requirements of EN 954-1, ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061. 

SMP Svensk Maskinprovning

SMP is a subsidiary company of RISE, which also provides inspection, testing and certification services for the safety of machines.




Machinery and working environment
We work actively for a safe and healthy working environment, and to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs for agricultural machinery.
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SMP has a vide competence that covers everything from measurements of exhaust emissions to safety-testing of bicycles and bus bodies. 

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Engine Emissions

At the engine- and emissions laboratory in Umeå, we conduct tests of different kinds of engines, mainly aimed for small and large off-road machinery

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Risk analysis of systems

Risk analysis is necessary in order to identify risks and making it possible to minimize them.Read more...


RISE is measuring vibrations in machines, tools, buildings and ground.Read more...

Machinery noise

RISE measure machinery noise in our laboratory and in the field. Read more...
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