Robust designs - Mechanical engineering

Greater pressure for longer lives and higher safety of components and products make it increasingly important that they should be soundly based on robust designs. Designs that can withstand the operating conditions and environments to which they are exposed. Lightweight materials are now new requirements for assessment methods.

Advanced laboratory resources

Our facilities for testing mechanical life and safety include a large test laboratory for both static and dynamic testing. The mechanical test equipment include test machines capable of applying loads up to 20 MN, multi axial shake table and a crash track that can evaluate the performance of both large and small items.  The environmental durability and life of components can be tested by exposure to EMC, high and low temperatures, moisture, dust, mechanical shock, vibration, sunlight, salt mist and other corrosive environments.  Larger items, up to and including complete vehicles, can be subjected to EMC, high and low temperatures and sunlight. 


SP has a wide range of technical competence and large experimental facilities in the fields of environmental durability, life assurance, strength of materials, shock and collision processes, vibration and fatigue.

Component testing

We have major resources for testing both components and constructions in our spacious and well-equipped laboratories.Read more...

Fatigue test of materials and structures

Fatigue, of materials and structures, is the main cause of failures and accidents today. Read more...

Investigations of service life of materials and products

SP may assist you with all the necessary activities in conjunction with life-time analysis.Read more...

Materials testing of metals

Destructive testing of materials is often used in order to determine the materials' fundamental mechanical material parameters.Read more...

Large-scale solar and climate simulation - environmental testing

It is increasingly important that all types of end products should be able to survive the extremes of climates and conditions anywhere in the world.Read more...

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Large-scale solar and climate simulation - environmental testing

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