Safe products and components

Safe products must often fulfil requirements in several technical areas. SP's range of working areas means that we can undertake commissions that require a multi-faceted approach in order to verify the product's or component's properties.

Many products are required to be CE-marked.  CE-marking is a safety declaration that has different implications for different products.  Toys, for example, can be certified by the manufacturer, who is responsible for performing any necessary investigations and providing documentation confirming that the product is safe.  Other products, such as helmets, must be tested and approved by an independent body before CE-marking can be applied.

Testing the safety of your products

Some products, such as prams, are not required to be CE-marked or to meet any other formal approval requirements.  Nevertheless, manufacturers and importers are responsible for ensuring that products that they place on the market are safe.  One way for them to ensure this is to have the pram tested against the applicable European standard or, in those cases where there is no standard, to perform a risk analysis and verify the product's safety characteristics therefrom.

SP can perform the necessary tests to verify a product's or component's properties, as needed (for example) for CE-marking. 

Perambulators and other child products

SP performs tests on perambulators in accordance with EN 1888 and is accredited by SWEDAC ( Read more...

Ladder scaffolding

Scaffolding to be used in Sweden must be type-tested. Read more...

Fall protection

Personal fall protection equipment is used for preventing injury or fatalities on persons working on high levels. Fall protection equipment is category III according to the PPE directive and must therefore be type approved by a notified body, such as RISE.Read more...

Containers - Swap bodies

Freight containers have radically changed the transportation sector during the last 25 years.Read more...

Transport of dangerous goods

Safe and efficient transport of goods and materials is very important for a modern society.Read more...

Risk analysis of systems

Risk analysis is necessary in order to identify risks and making it possible to minimize them.Read more...

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