Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)

Most countries around the world have laws to control the function and the precision of meters used when selling goods or services of great economical value to a normal consumer. Within EU these laws are national and the kinds of meters that are controlled can differ from country to country. But the technical requirements of the instruments are now identical, and approvals and certificates will be valid in all member states. SP can assist your company with testing and MID certificates.
Our MID-notification

Instruments Modules
  B D D1 F F1 G H H1
MI-001 Water Meters X X           X
MI-003 Active Electrical Energy Meters X X   X       X
MI-004 Heat Meters X X           X
MI-005 Measuring Instruments for Liquids X X       X   X
MI-006 Automatic Weighing Instruments X X   X   X   X
MI-007 Taxi Meters X X   X       X
MI-008 Material Measures - 1 X X X   X X  

Information about our notification can also be found at "NANDO", the web site of EU notified bodies.

Related requirements

All measurements, including environmental stress tests- climatic and mechanical, EMC, LVD, ATEX and software tests are performed at SP premises. We can also assist with quality system assessments.

Further information

The complete directive can be downloaded from the Metrology Web Site of EU. Links to other related organisations such as WELMEC and OIML can also be found here. More info about the certification process at SP is available on request.


The route to the market can start now!

For a manufacturer or supplier of measuring instruments it is of course of utmost importance to minimize the time-to-market in this new situation! The first steps can be taken already now! SP is a Notified Body and offers accredited type testing in accordance with MID-requirements.

Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)

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Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)

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