Calibration of heat flux meters

Calibration of heat flux meters for use in fire tests is made in a spherical black-body furnace.

RISE is an accredited laboratory for calibration according to these calibration methods:

• ISO 14934-2, Fire tests — Calibration and use of heat flux meters, Part 2: Primary calibration methods (method 2).
• ISO 14934-3, Fire tests — Calibration and use of heat flux meters, Part 3: Secondary calibration method, clause 6 Secondary calibration in a primary furnace.

Both methods use a spherical black-body furnace as heat source.

The primary calibration is performed at ten heat flux levels. Primary calibration is recommended for all your in-house reference meters. The secondary calibration is performed at a minimum of three heat flux levels. Secondary calibration is suitable for all daily-use heat flux meters.

The calibration is conducted at levels between 1,4 and 20 kW/m2 or 5 and 75 kW/m2.



Types and design of heat flux meters that can be calibrated

• Total heat flux meters of Schmidt-Boelter or Gardon type
• Smooth or threaded body
• With or without flanges
• Field of view hemispherical (solid angle 180°) and without window
• Housing diameter up to 50 mm
• Sensing surface diameter up to 10 mm
• Cooling water piping must be routed parallel to the axis of the meter according to the figure above.

For other meters special alternatives may be possible, please enquire.

Important information

To be able to calculate the incident radiation to the sensing surface we need information about the diameter of this surface. This information must be collected directly from the producer of the heat flux meter before the calibration is started.

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