Calibration of laser power meters

Laser power meters are calibrated towards RISE standard instrument, which has traceability back to the international level. Meters can be calibrated in our laboratories or on site, and for a wide range of wavelengths and power levels.
Laser safety

RISE is an accredited laboratory for laser measurements, and classifies lasers in accordance with the following relevant national and international standards:

  • SS EN 60825 - Swedish standard;  based on EN 60825
  • N 60825 - European standard;  based on IEC 825
  • ANSI Z136.1 - American safety standard 
  • FDR 1040 - American classification regulations
Safety measurements

We also perform safety measurements, marking of safety distances and calculations of risk zones at site. Computer-based exposure calculations, with reference to relevant limit values for maximum permissible exposures, are performed rapidly and simply.

Measurement of protective goggles

The protective performance of goggles can be measured for several wavelengths in accordance with applicable European standards.   

Courses and policies

Courses in laser- and radiation safety are arranged, and held at customers' premises, with contents tailored to customers' requirements. We can also assist in the drafting of laser / radiation safety policies for companies.  

Protective Glasses


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