Measurement of UV-radiation and calibration of UV-radiometers has since long become an important task of the radiometric laboratory of RISE. Simulation of environmental stress affecting outdoor durability is also an important business.

These two tasks of RISE go well together to give authorities and industries the right tools to handle the UV-radiation in the optimal way.

Moreover RISE performs measurements for industries to examine the radiation level for human exposure. Classifications of lasers and solariums are also within the service of RISE.

Traning and advises

RISE gives courses and technical training in measurements and calculations of safe radiation levels for human exposures. RISE also gives qualified advises for the installation of new radiation equipment to prevent introduction of radiation hazards.

Quality control of chemical analysing instruments, especially at hospitals, demand regular calibration of various absorbance standards for which RISE has a key position as an accredited metrology laboratory.

Specification of measurement in UV
Power 1 nW – 1W
Wavelength 200 – 400 nm
Irradiance 10 μW•m-2 – 70 kW•m-2
Spectral irradiance 10 mW•m-2 •μm-1 – 10 kW•m-2 •μm-1
Absorbance (transmittance) 0 – 6 Bel
Reflectance 1•10-4 - 1

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