Payment systems

Payment systems in today’s society continue to evolve. Security and reliability – working areas in which SP is closely involved – are of the utmost importance. Today payments are made and electronic receipts issued via the internet. Tomorrow, new methods of payment, such as via mobile phone, will be used to an even greater extent. It is important that the payments are recorded accurately, reliably and securely.
We can provide the following services for payment systems
  • Certification of cash register control units as required by the Swedish National Tax Agency
  • Inspection and certification of cash register
  • Risk analysis.

Certified cash registers

The majority of sellers of goods or services for payment in cash are required to have a certified cash register, complying with the requirements of the Swedish National Tax Agency.

This is intended to protect serious businesses, operating in the cash sector, against unfair competition.

Cash registers must be connected to a certified control unit, which reads the data recorded by the cash register and creates a control code for each transaction.

We can assist companies that manufacture control units by issuing the certificates which are needed in order to be able to sell the units in Sweden.  We have been accredited by SWEDAC as a certification body for cash register control units. Certification covers both the correct function of the control unit and information security in it during development and production.


Embedded systems

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