P-marking of pellet burners, pellet boilers and pellet stoves

Combustion of pellets has increased remarkedly during the last decade. When new technique for pellet combustion came onto the market there were no requirements on quality and no methods for testing them.

The only requirement to be fulfilled is emission of hydro carbon by The National Board of Housing,
Building and Planning, see: 
Boverkets byggregler 2006:12 avsnitt 6:7 (PDF-fil).

The reason for P-marking of these products was to quickly agree on rules and methods for quality and testing.

What is P-marking?

P-marking is a volontary marking where rules and methods for testing are agreed on by manufacturers and authorities. Requirements concern:

  • Emissions
  • efficiency
  • safety
  • function

Requirements also concern technical documentation and the content of installation and operation descriptions and on quality assurance in the manufacturing process. Today we P-mark pellet burners, boilers and stoves. 

P-marked product is recognised by the following label: 

Every product has a unik 6-digial number.

Resourses och methods

If you are a manufacturer and want to know about our resources and how we can help you, please se our resources and methods. 

Frequently asked questions

 Which pellet burner suits my boiler?

  • In the rules for P-markning for pelletburners it is requested from the manufacturer to specify adequate measurements for the boiler. Ask the manufacturer if the burner may be used in your boiler. 

Is it possible to aquire testresults from the tested products?

  • No, because we are an independent test institute and all tests are done under secrecy and we only give testresults to the manufacturer who ordered them. Ask the manufacturer for test results!


Tests of pellet stoves in Råd o Rön nr 10, 1999.
Tests of pellet stoves with water jackets in Råd o Rön nr 10, 2002

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