Perambulators and other child products

RISE performs tests on perambulators in accordance with EN 1888 and is accredited by SWEDAC ( This implies a yearly inspection by SWEDAC of our test routines and quality assurance. We also perform tests on other products connecting to children.

CE marking is not necessary for perambulators (it is in fact not possible). Neither is there a mandate stating requirements to be met or which tests a perambulator has to pass in order to be allowed to be introduced onto the Swedish market. There is however a law, Produktsäkerhetslagen, which states that all products sold on the Swedish market must be safe. Producers and importers are held responsible for their products. A good way to ensure that a perambulator is safe is to perform the tests of the European standard EN 1888. These tests are performed by RISE and the standard can be ordered from e.g. SIS, the Swedish Standards Institute.

When a product is tested in accordance with EN 1888, RISE produces a Test Report. This report clearly states whether the product meets the requirements of the standard. Secrecy is a corner stone in all our projects. This implies that the client who ordered the tests is the owner of the results and these will not be presented to a third party. Indeed, our clients’ identities are included in our secrecy policy.

We recommend producers and importers to obtain the standard EN1888 (e.g. from SIS) and study it before sending a perambulator for testing. This is partly to avoid unnecessary costs if there are apparent shortcomings and partly because it is important to know the requirements of the standard.

If the perambulator is tested already, someplace other than Sweden, this is sufficient. However, we strongly recommend importers to demand to get access to a complete test report. The report should be compared to EN1888 to make sure that all tests of the standard have been performed and all requirements are met. If there is any uncertainty, SP can perform supplementary tests.

In addition to the tests of EN1888, RISE offers additional tests and alterations based on experiences of Swedish conditions, e.g. performance of some tests at low temperatures in a climatic chamber. We also consult in material testing/analyses, damage investigations and more.

Other products connecting to children and safety

Many other products connecting to children and safety are tested at RISE a few examples are toys, children's furniture, childproof mountings, helmets, carry cots, babysitters, baby carrier, baby bouncer and platforms for perambulators Depending on the purpose, the test(s) can be performed in accordance with standard(s) or be customized to answer a certain question.

RISE performs different types of tests in laboratories, such as mechanical, electrical, chemical, fire etc. Since several years practical tests of function are also carried out. In these tests a group of kids test whether the product is childproof.

In addition to the continuous commission activities, RISE has developed new test methods in collaboration with the European consumer organisation ANEC and the Swedish equivalent Konsumentverket.


RISE also tests other products than the ones mentioned above, please contact us for more information.

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