Plastic pipes

Plastic pipes used for water and drainage, gas and heating systems are generally certified, indicating that the material and product fulfil standardised requirements and that manufacture is subject to approved manufacturer's inspection and independent third-party surveillance inspection. As an accredited body, SP performs type testing, inspection visits and surveillance inspection, as well as preparing material for such purposes as Nordic approval marking schemes, issued by INSTA-CERT and other bodies.

We perform standardised tests in accordance with almost all standards applicable to pipes and buried structures, such as access pits and sludge separators, made of polyethene (PE), polypropene (PP), PVC and PEX.

Pipes for pressurised systems are tested in accordance with EN 1555 (gas) and EN 12201 and EN 1452 (water). Tests of raw materials for classification of materials for such pipes are carried out in accordance with ISO 9080.

SP is one of the few laboratories approved by EuroHeat for testing for European certification of district heating pipes. Together with the Swedish District Heating Association, we are also responsible for Swedish P-marking approval of district heating pipes, which is based on compliance with EN 253.

We have many years' experience of research in this sector, with an excellent overview of problem areas and questions. We investigate cases of damage, and carry out other types of technical investigations.




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