Development testing for EMC and radio applications

Are you uncertain as to whether the product that you're developing will meet EMC requirements, or those applying to its radio parameters? RISE can help you to investigate whether you fulfil the requirements before the project has reached the stage that redesign would be very expensive. We don't just perform only accredited certified testing: we can also help you with testing of products during their development stages.
An early view of performance

Development testing allows you yourself to decide what is most relevant for testing, or you can draw upon our extensive experience of testing. We can assist you by performing tests that concentrate on those parts of the particular product concerned where it can be assumed that problems are most likely to arise. 

Pre-compliance testing

A pre-compliance test is intended to provide an early picture of the performance of a product that must comply with a particular standard when it is completed. In order to get as much done as possible in a short time, testing could concentrate on frequencies that are suspected of causing problems. Other frequency ranges could, for example, be swept more quickly than is specified in the standard, but the overall result would still provide a rough picture of the performance. 
Although pre-compliance tests do not necessarily have to follow the requirements of standards to the letter, they are still carried out by the same personnel and using the same equipment. 

Unique resources

At one and the same site, RISE possesses a range of resources that is unique in the Nordic countries. Five anechoic chambers, for example, covering a range of specialities, backed up by other laboratories, are available to you - all staffed by personnel with many years' experience of EMC and radio equipment. 

RISE- a wide range of accreditations

RISE is also accredited for many other standards in a wide range of product areas. Vehicles and vehicle components, radio and telecom, and generic industrial electronics are some examples. 

EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and radio requirements for the US market

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US is the authority that specifies requirements that must be met by electrical products on the American market. These requirements are incorporated in the FCC's Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).Read more...

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – products for industry

We offer services in situations that require special resources, unique competence and accredited testing. We can offer testing of small and medium-sized products alongside testing of vehicles and other larger products with very high EMC requirements.Read more...

EMC - Vehicles

In addition to testing cars, we also have considerable experience of forestry machinery, earth-moving machinery, military vehicles, etcRead more...
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