Process Measurement Technology

RISE can assist all types of process industries with their instrumentation and measurements.

This include testing, evaluation, calibration, safety, consultancy, training courses and more. In larger projects we also cooperate with a number of universities and other research institutes, both in Sweden and other countries.

A higher degree of automation equals higher demands on safety, raw materials, process instrumentation and machinery. With successful automation actions it is possible to cut costs, increase product quality and improve the financial monitoring of the process. All at the same time. But only if instrumentation is correctly selected, installed and maintained, so that all decisions can rely on correct measurement data.

Process safety

The process industry is at present undergoing an expansive phase, with older control systems being progressively replaced by new systems.Read more...

Calibration of vacuum gauges

Vacuum gauges that indicate that a process is operating at the ”correct” pressure level are important in many industrial processes. Read more...

Kalibrering av flödesmätare för vätska

Varje typ av flödesmätare kräver sin egen speciella kalibreringsmetod och utrustning.Read more...

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Calibration of pressure balancesExplosion Protection

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