Product development

We offer the food industry highly-efficient solutions, tailored to the client companies' products and production conditions.


We can offer:

Advanced product and process development
  • Development of ideas and concepts during the initial phase

  • Ongoing work throughout the product development process

  • Further development of existing products

  • Problem-solving
  • Product quality and food safety

  • Recipes/raw materials/ingredients, e.g. choice, changes and optimisation

  • Process, e.g. choice of equipment and processing conditions

  • Characterisation of microstructures and rheology
    Mapping and characterisation of microstructures and rheological features give the client company a greater understanding of its own unique process and product.

    Objective sensory product description
    A specially-trained test panel is used to describe and measure objectively and consistently the sensory characteristics of ingredients and products. This approach is used, for example, in conjunction with recipe optimisation, storage tests and packaging/ingredient/supplier/production facility changes.

    Instrumental aroma analysis
    Presents and explains the chemical characteristics underlying sensory perception. Use is made of the "Electronic nose", MOCON, GS, MS and a range of other instruments and methods.

    Olfactory detection, human being – instrument
    A gas chromatograph separates the aroma components.
    At the same time, the test persons describe their
    odour perceptions.

    Consumer tests using selected target groups
    Discussions in small groups, interviews, product tests in the home environment/at the laboratory/on the street.

    Quality assurance of the brand name
    We analyse the degree of concurrence between the product's market promise and its actual characteristics.

    Preference Mapping
    We map sensory preferences in different consumer groups.

    QFD – from the voice of the consumer to product specification
    This method is used to match the product characteristics with consumer demands and wishes.

    Link between structure and sensory evaluation

    Multivariate test design and evaluation
    Used to optimise processes and measurement methods and to improve the efficiency of the product development process.

    Company-adapted courses, both at SP Food and Bioscience and on site at the client company. Subjects: Product Development. Structure Engineering, Sensory Evaluation, Flavour Chemistry. Packaging Engineering. Multivariate Analysis. Experimental Design.

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