Sustainable protein sources

Do you have an interest in protein-rich foods with low environmental impact? We can offer support in your development work.

The increased focus on the environmental impact from food production has led to an increased consumer demand for alternative protein sources. RISE has competence along the entire value chain – all the way from the raw material to the final product.  We have knowledge about what effects the choice of raw material and production processes will have on the sensory properties of the foodstuff as well as its environmental impact. We can help out with challenges related to formulation, processing and product safety. Together with our clients, we create opportunities for successful product development. 

At RISE we have expertise within agriculture, the marine industry, extraction, processing, resource efficiency, biotechnology, microbiology, chemical analyses, sensory analyses, consumer studies, life cycle assessment and many other areas. We participate in a broad range of R&D projects and we also do contract work for the industry. Furthermore, RISE has a vast network and acts as support for SMEs.

Ongoing research projects

ProVeg – Vegetable food with high protein value
ProVeg is a cooperation project among partners in industry, academia and the public sector aiming at developing foods based on proteins from vegetables. The goal is to help stimulating both individual consumers and the public sector to make more sustainable food choices from both an environmental and a health perspective.
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Contact: Sophia Wassén,, +46-10-516 66 09

Tenebrio Molitor – tasty, healthy and sustainable
The aim of the work is to develop a product based on mealworms that appeals to the consumer not only because it is healthy and environmentally sound but since it is tasty as well. 
Contact: Mia Prim,, +46-10-516 66 90

Blue cheese tofu based on Swedish fava beans and soybeans
This project aims at developing a product similar to blue cheese that is based on fava beans and soybeans grown in Sweden. The product should resemble milk-based cheeses such as gorgonzola, danablu and cambozola.
Contact: Fredrik Fogelberg,, +46-10-516 69 08

MareValue – A sustainable and profitable Swedish fish industry: Increased yield and value of limited marine resources
The aim of the work is to increase the yield and the value of marine resources that are being used by the Swedish fish industry. This will be obtained by identifying and extracting high-value components found in unwanted catches and in waste products from the fish industry.
Contact: Friederike Ziegler,, +46-10-516 66 54

Smat – Smart food from oat and cultivated meat cells

Food science and material science is combined with cell biology and creative cooking for developing healthy and environmentally friendly foods with high protein content that will be an attractive alternative to meat for consumers.
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Contact: Mats Stading,, +46-10-5166637

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