Records keeping

Looking back... SP has been working with archival material for one hundred years! Our name was not SP in those days, but tests were made at the Royal Technical High School and was then moved to SP when the company first started.

Long time storage

SP has been working with evaluation of materials used for preparation of documents for long time storage since the beginning of the twentieth century. Our experts perform testing in accordance with national and international standards or other specifications as well as specially designed test programs, often in co-operation with our customers.


Practically all materials change with time, no matter how good they are initially. Good storage conditions are of extreme importance in order to prolong the lifetime of a record as much as possible. Knowledge about the materials is of great importance when choosing the correct storage conditions. We are acting as advisers to archivists, constructors etc. on the design of depositories with respect to choice of climatic conditions and materials.

Archival materials certified by SP

SP publishes a list of products certifies for use in the preparation of documents to be kept for long periods of time. The list is updated continuously. The list can be downloaded from the menu to the right of this page.


Only paper was evaluated duringt the first years and the first regulation specifying papers to be used by the official authorities came 1907. All paper used for certain types of documents had to be tested at SP. We still keep samples of papers tested in 1908 and up to present date.


Ink was also tested and when new products for recording were introduced, SP developed methods for testing of the permanence of the recording.

Swedish Archive

In 1964, the regulations were revised and the designation "Svenskt Arkiv" (Swedish Archive) was introduced for the products fulfilling the specification in the regulations. SP was given the right to design the test methods and to certify products. A list of products was published each year.

National Archives

When the Archival Act was introduced in 1991, the responsibility for the requirements was transferred to the  National Archives and SP´s testmethods were rewritten as regulations from RA, RA-FS.

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