Recycling and Sustainable Materials

Recovery and recycling of energy and materials is becoming increasingly important in today's society. Efficient utilisation of waste and materials benefits not only companies through reduced costs for materials re-use and waste handling, but also the wider society at large through reduced environmental impact.

Tomorrow's waste management strategies and practices must be developed in the context of a long-term overall sustainability approach.  A sustainable society must use a minimum of resources and reduce its dependence on finite natural resources.  With the right knowledge and the right methods, waste can be accepted, handled and used as a local resource and energy source or carrier.

Waste Refinery - a Centre of Excellence at SP

The overall objective of the work of Waste Refinery is to achieve optimum resource management and energy recovery from waste, in terms of both economic and environmental effects benefits.  Research and development cooperation within Waste Refinery are carried out in a group cluster, consisting of representatives from business, society and research organisations. 

Waste Refinery aims systematically to evaluate, develop, demonstrate and integrate various technologies for the effective and efficient recovery of energy and materials from waste, with particular emphasis on system analysis and technology development of thermal and biological conversion of waste to energy and material products. 

Strategic network for optimum conversion of waste

Waste Refinery is a strategic network promoting optimum conversion of waste.Read more...

Biological Laboratory

SPs biological laboratory ”Biolab” has gathered SPs biological competence and advanced equipment to be able to meet the growing need for biological testing.Read more...

Alternative road-making and soil improvement materials


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