Reinforcement products and construction steel

RISE has long experience of studies of reinforcement products and construction steel. Tests are carried out according to existing standards or the customer's wishes.


Surveys are made in connection with eg

- Internal or external production control
- Delivery inspection and product control 
  for 3rd party
- Quality assurance in production process
- Damage investigations

Reinforcement products for the reinforcement of concrete

- Strength studies as tensile test, fatigue test,
relaxation test, simple bend test, re-bend test and
shear test of joints

- Weight and dimension control
- Control of rib geometry
- Weldability test
- Chemical analysis
- Drawing conformity



Examples of products

  • Ribbed bars
  • Prestressing steels -strand
  • Mesh reinforcement
  • Fixing welded reinforcement
  • Mechanical joints
  • Pile joint
  • Lattice girders
  • Other reinforcement products

Measurement of cam geometry

Construction steel and plate

Investigations are on, among other hot and cold-shaped rods and tubes, wire, sheet billets, welded plate which includes for example
- Strength tests (e g tenisile test, charpy impact test, bend test)
- Weight, shape and dimension control
- Thickness of galvanizing layer
- Chemical analysis

Examples of standards
SS-EN ISO 15630-1, -2, -3; SS-EN 10080; SS 21 25 40; SS-EN ISO 17660-1, -2.

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