Other mechanical testing


SP can provide the measurement of most magnitudes both in the field or in our laboratory. Of the results, we can then if a customer wishes, to perform sophisticated analysis and evaluations. A typical field samples may be to measure the vibrations of the vehicles or the measurement of the length of the extension using strain gauges.

For our measurements, we are working with advanced software and hardware. 

Residual Stress Measuremnt

Residual Stress Measurements near the material surface is carried out under the so-called "hole drilling" method. The method involves strain gauges of the type three-axis rosettes used, a hole drilled in the center where the residual tensions triggered. The signal from the strain gauges recorded at different drilling depths. Evaluation of results is made according to ASTM E 837.

The method is usually described as "semi-destructive" because the damage caused is very local and in many cases does not affect the function of the specimen.

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