Robust electronics - environmental resistance

Robust electronics - testing environmental resistanceRISE can offer a complete range of tests of all forms of environmental resistance of electronic products. Our work is concerned mainly with the specification, testing and evaluation of systems, equipment, apparatus and components in terms of determining their ability to withstand environmental conditions. This can be done at all stages of development: initial specification, design, design validation, prototype manufacture, production, type testing, fault analysis etc.

The ability - or rather, the need - to withstand environmental conditions is encountered in many sectors and products, and is present in one form or another throughout the development process, which means that development and evaluation in this field can occur in an infinite number of forms.

There is rarely one single unambiguous standard for any product that exactly sets out the necessary performance requirements and tests. Many different technical properties must be considered in order to make a product suitable for some particular environment and to test its ability to withstand those conditions. Nor can environmental conditions be unambiguously described and defined: a product's operational profile affects the conditions through its use, length of life etc.

RISE offers complete solutions

With its wide range of services, RISE can provide complete one-stop solutions, providing support during all phases of the product development process and in all technology areas. Testing and evaluation are based on high competence and many years of experience. 

Extensive test facilities 

In addition to possessing an extensive range of equipment and facilities, RISE (before SP) is accredited for a large number of environmental test standards in the IEC 60 068 series, and also for tests in accordance with DNV, Lloyds, ETSI and others' requirements. 

Corrosion testing

We assess the corrosion resistance ability of products.


Good enclosure of electrical or electronic equipment intended to operate in difficult environments.Read more...

Vibration and shock testing

Using our environmental test facilities, RISE can determine how well a design withstands mechanical forces from its surroundings.Read more...

Climatic tests

In today’s global markets for electronic devices, hardware must be able to withstand almost any climate. Testing under relevant simulated climate conditions enables the reliability of electronic devices to be assessed and improved right from the beginning.Read more...
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