Dependable systems - electronics

Electronic equipment and software are embedded in many machines and equipment. Unfortunately, systems do not always behave as intended, which can be due to such causes as poor design, wear and tear, or the effects of the environment. Although we may not be too surprised if a television set or a washing machine plays up, we do expect that, say, the emergency stop button on a motor saw, or the brakes in a car, will always work.

Dependable systems are those that deliver security of function, security of information, availability, reliability etc.  The work can also be described as assuring the safety and reliability of programmable systems.  Functional safety is required when a fault would introduce a risk of injury to persons, damage to equipment, harm to the environment or economic loss. 

Evaluation and testing

RISE can evaluate and test the function and functional safety of machinery, equipment, vehicles and systems.  Manufacturers can obtain help in developing new products, e.g. through advice on the interpretation and application of international standards.  RISE can also investigate to see if the requirements of standards have been fulfilled.  Evaluation by an independent third party provides valuable support for manufacturers and customers. 

Fault injection in electronic equipment and software

We provide services in the field of fault injection.

Functional safety

RISE can deliver many different services in the field of functional safety. Read more...

Risk analysis of systems

Risk analysis is necessary in order to identify risks and making it possible to minimize them.Read more...
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