EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility

EMC is about interference from electrical appliances. RISE has extensive expertise in testing and research in EMC. We also have a unique set of specialized equipment for testing a wide range of products.

Some product areas where we have many customers are vehicles and vehicle components, IT, radio and communications, industrial and military equipment.

We can also perform measurements of the radio parameters required for radio equipment to be placed on the market. RISE is the only Swedish laboratory which can certify radio equipment for the U.S. market.

Approval by public authorities

All normal testing is accredited and we can issue approvals and provide material for approval by the public authorities. RISE is:

  • Notified body for the EMC Directive
  • Notified body for the Radio communications directive
  • Telecommunications Certification Body for radio and EMC at FCC in the USA.
  • Technical service to the National Road Administration for the approval of vehicles and vehicle components.

EMC - Vehicles

In addition to testing cars, we also have considerable experience of forestry machinery, earth-moving machinery, military vehicles, etcRead more...

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – products for industry

We offer services in situations that require special resources, unique competence and accredited testing. We can offer testing of small and medium-sized products alongside testing of vehicles and other larger products with very high EMC requirements.Read more...

EMC - Marine

RISE har tagit fram paketlösningar för provningar som ger möjlighet att få produkter godkända för användning både på land och till sjöss.Read more...

EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and radio requirements for the US market

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US is the authority that specifies requirements that must be met by electrical products on the American market. These requirements are incorporated in the FCC's Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).Read more...

Testing of radio communication equipment

Before any piece of radio communication equipment can be released to the European market, it must be CE-marked in accordance with the Radio Directive. The directive sets out a number of demands which are labelled as “essential requirements”. Read more...
Biconic antenna

Calibration of antennas

Calibration is an important tool for ensuring quality and determining uncertainty in final measurements. The basis of this process consists of continuous calibration of the antennas.Read more...

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