Rubber testing

We can perform all common tests and analyses on rubber materials and products as well as customized tests for special areas.

Examples of tests performed by us are:

  • Tensile properties (at room temperature and in heat/cold)
  • Tear strength 
  • Hardness (Shore, IRH°)
  • Tensile set 
  • Compression set in room temperature, heat and cold.
  • Determination of amount of carbon black 
  • Ozone testing 
  • Resistance to liquids (volume change, weight change, hardness change and change in tensile properties)
  • Accelererated ageing in heat, UV and climate 
  • Chemical analyses 
  • Determination of relaxation in compression in air, nitrogen as well as different liquids up to  200°C. Our containers withstand a pressure up to 3 bar, which means that testing can be perofrmed in liquids near their boiling point.
  • Tests have performed in oils, glycols, ASTM oils and nitrogen. We can also perform relaxation tests in cyclic cold/heat. 

Beside testing according to standard, we can also perform customized tests for specific needs. We can also make qualitative and quantitative analyses  to determine the composition of a rubber materials. 

SP participates in CEN- och ISO-standardization which menas that we are well-informed in testing methods and requirements in swedish, european and international standards. 

Product testing - Seals

We perform different kinds of test on all kinds of seals used in, for example, buildings, vechicles and other areas of use. SP can also designed, product specific, test according to the customers wishes.We can offer material testing, durability and estimation of long term performance. We also perform damage analyses on rubber products and materials. Relaxation test is a method that is becoming increasingly important for service life prediction of seals in different environments.

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