Certification, regulations and standards

The single-market philosophy of the EU and other free trade areas presupposes that the fire behaviour of products and materials can be declared in accordance with agreed common systems. This is usually done by means of harmonised standards for testing, and common rules for fire classification. We are therfore involved in many aspects of work on European standards (CEN), international maritime standards (IMO) and global standards (ISO), and of work for many other organisations.  We may work as project managers or hold the chairs of committees.  Our services are employed by the EU as experts in connection with regulations for the Construction Products Directive, and we work with pan-European industrial organisations to simplify and improve its application.  SP's certification services and our fire classifications of products are accepted in many countries, while our international acceptance, knowledge and experience in this field assist the export competitiveness of industry.

European fire classification of materials, construction products and building elements

In Europe a new system for fire tests and classification of building materials has been introduced. Read more...
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