Nuclear power

SP provides a wide range of services to improve safety in many industries, including the nuclear power industry. We are natural partners for the nuclear power industry in areas such as reliable systems, risk analysis, review and evaluation of routines, environmental resistance, uncertainty of measurement, process modelling, quality assurance and occupational health and safety certification.

As a result of our wide range of working areas, we can provide technical evaluation of risks and consequences, both by calculation and by testing.  This is a field in which we are well established internationally, and our reports are accepted world-wide.

Important areas of research where we work together with the nuclear power industry include the functional performance of electricity supplies in the event of a fire, evaluation of final storage of spent nuclear fuel, risk evaluation of sensitive systems and many other areas.  The range and expertise of our services make us well placed to tackle matters of particular importance for the nuclear power industry, where accidents must not result in the release of radiation to the environment.  Determination of requirements, specifications, development testing and testing of hazardous products are examples of our work. 



Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – products for industry

We offer services in situations that require special resources, unique competence and accredited testing. We can offer testing of small and medium-sized products alongside testing of vehicles and other larger products with very high EMC requirements.Read more...

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