Shipping and offshore

RISE is a valuable, wide-ranging resource for manufacturers and suppliers in the maritime transport and offshore sectors.

In conjunction with classification societies and national maritime authorities, we work closely with national and international shipping industries.  Our extensive test activities provide a fund of valuable knowledge of the various regulatory frameworks and requirements applicable to the maritime and offshore industries.  We are also actively involved in the development of regulations by international maritime organisations:  we are, for example, Sweden's representative in the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), and are engaged in the work of MarED, the European Union's organisation for harmonisation of regulations under the Marine Equipment Directive. 

Our working areas include environmental withstand, life length technology, lightweight structures and fire and safety at sea. 

Fire safety at sea

Fire safety of ships is an extremely important area. Before any material or firefighting system can be used on board a ship, it must have successfully passed stringent tests and have been certified for use. The types of tests required depend on such factors as where the product is intended to be used, the type of vessel and the geographical areas within which the vessel operates. Read more...

Robust designs – Shipping

Greater pressure for longer lives and higher safety of components and products make it increasingly important that they should be soundly based on robust designs that can withstand the operating conditions and environments to which they are exposed. Read more...

Don't go offshore without us

We offer world leading expertise in fire safety management and Europe’s most comprehensive R&D and fire testing resources.Read more...

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