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Perform your own on-site calibrations with our "Framtid" program.
Framtid (Version 2.3.0 for Windows 9x)

Framtid is an interactive program for on-site calibration of time interval generated by time-duration measuring devices, e.g. manual stopwatches. The calibration reference is provided by the clock in the computer on which Framtid is installed.

The drift of the computer clock is corrected for by synchronising the clock with RISE atomic clock, either by dial-up modem connection or over the internet using SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol). If the computer has a firewall, Port 123 must be open to permit inward and outward traffic. 

A calibration certificate, showing results traceable to RISE and uncertainty of measurement in accordance with EA Publication EA-4/02, by the software after successful completion of calibration. 

For calibration certificates to be valid, users must be registered with RISE, with details of their company name, address and telephone number, via

NetSync (Version 2.2 for Windows 9x)

NetSync automatically synchronises computer clocks. It uses a dial-up modem or internet connection using SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) for synchronising. If the computer has a firewall, Port 123 must be open to permit inward and outward traffic. NetSync works in the background, and the synchronising server can be chosen, as can the frequency of synchronisation. 

NetSync and Framtid

NetSync and Framtid are intended and compiled for installation on Windows 9x operative systems.  Installation on other versions of Windows (e.g. 2000/NT/XP) may result in the programs not working as intended. Contact RISE for further information on the programs.


The software is currently not available for download, while waiting for new versions.

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