ScenoCalc - a program for calculation of annual solar collector energy output

SP has developed a user friendly tool for calculating the annual energy output for solar collectors available in the market . The tool is now being used within Solar Keymark, the quality labeling of solar thermal products in Europe for calculating certified collector output. The tool was developed within the EU-project Quality Assurance in Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling Technologies (QAIST) and uses a Microsoft Excel interface.

Its purpose is to give end-users the possibility to fairly compare different collectors under different weather conditions, independent on which of the two EN 12975 performance test methods used, i.e. Steady State or Quasi Dynamic.

By using collector test results performed by, accredited test laboratories the user can insert the desired parameters and location and be presented with annual energy gains with a monthly dissection at different collector operating temperatures. The tool is also able to convert from Steady State parameters to comparable Quasi Dynamic values. All results are presented through a graph and a table. 

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