Solar Energy

RISE has very long experience of solar energy and works with both solar PV and solar heating. Within the unit "Energy and Circular Economy", RISE coordinates all the resources and competencies of solar energy. We aim at companies and consumers, collaborate with research institutes, universities, industry organizations and government agencies and offer a variety of services.

We devote ourselves to:

  • Technical evaluation and development of products and systems
  • Contract research
  • Certification (RISE Certification)
  • Innovation support for companies
  • Conference activities and education
  • Dissemination
  • Consultation / advice - generally and in connection with Projects

Our work is performed mainly in Sweden and the EU, but in some cases in other parts of the world.


An exemaple of our collaboration with other departments within RISE is Forskningsvillan (the Research villa), where we look at how solar energy can be integrated into the building.

Solar PV

RISE possesses a broad knowledge and equipment resource that perfectly matches the needs of the rapidly expanding solar industry. Therefore, we are often engaged in consultations and participate in development and innovation projects.


For example, you can hire us for:

  • Measurements of entire system (modules + inverters)
  • Determining the performance and characteristics of component and connected parts and components
  • Environmental tests
  • Field tests to determine the function of installed plants. In a field measurement, individual modules, strings or entire systems can be analyzed.
  • Initial investigations and counseling

Contact us for an updated picture of what services we offer! Our ambition is to be able to offer complete testing of solar modules according to IEC 61215/61646 and IEC 61730 and the aim is to be accredited in the near future, provided we can identify a clear need for the industry. We collaborate with the Swedish Energy Agency and Svensk Solenergi (the Swedish Solar Energy), for example, to obtain certification of installers. Solel - Standards and methods of testing Solar PV - Standards and methods of testing.

Solar heating

Solar heating is a well proven and reliable technique. The technology has existed in Sweden for decades as part of the energy supply in private villas, premises and commercial real estate, but also in the form of larger land-mounted fields for district heating.

RISE has qualified knowledge of solar heating, system technology and how solar heating should be combined with other energy sources such as biofuels, soles and / or heat pumps.

We are hired for::

  • Solar Keymark-certification of solar collectors and hot solar domestic hot water systems
  • Performance tests on solar thermal products indoors in the solar simulator and outdoors
  • Tests and evaluations of complete system solutions, such as biofuel boiler / stove / VP + hot water storage tank and solar collector
  • Ecodesign & Energy Labeling – evaluation of hot water tanks and solar heated water heaters against current requirements as well as help to provide support for energy labeling and system calculations
  • Consumer tests commissioned by authorities
  • Field measurements in existing plants

For more detailed information about experimental resources and tests click on the links below.

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Solar PV and Solar heating - Experimental resources

RISE has a first-rate set of resources for experimental evaluation of solar PV and solar heating.Read more...

Solar energy - Research, development, and international cooperation

RISE has a pronounced goal to increase our international commitment in the solar field. RISE has a prominent role in a European network in which the European Solar Keymark certification is continuously evolving. We also participate in two different IEA collaborations.Read more...

Solar PV - Standards and methods of testing

Here you can read more about how components and systems for solar PV can be tested and evaluated in accordance with international and European standards - which often are required for market introduction.Read more...

Solar heating - Standards and methods of testing

Here you can read more about how components and systems for solar heating can be tested and evaluated according to international and European standards - which are often required for market introduction.Read more...

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Solar energy - Research, development, and international cooperation

Experimental Resources

Solar PV and Solar heating - Experimental resources


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Contact Persons

Solar energy - general
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Solar heating and Heat accumulation
Patrik Ollas

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Solar energy - Photometry and measurement technology
Anne Andersson

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Ingemar Svensson

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Solar PV - Inverter
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