SP appointed as a Technical Service for vehicle components

The Swedish Transport Agency has appointed SP as a Technical Service for vehicle components. This means that our tests can be used as a basis for an application for a Type Approval from the Swedish Transport Agency. We can also perform initial inspections and conformity of production assessments for vehicle components.


The following is a list of the regulations/directives for which we are appointed.  

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70/221/EEC Liquid fuel tanks and rear protective devices for motor vehicles and their trailers
72/245/EEC Radio interference (electromagnetic compatibility) of vehicles
74/408/EEC Seats, anchorages and head restraints of motor vehicles
76/115/EEC Anchorages for motor vehicle safety belts
76/757/EEC Reflex reflectors for motor vehicles and their trailers
76/758/EEC End-outline marker lamps, front position (side) lamps, rear position (side) lamps, stop lamps, daytime running lamps and side marker lamps for motor vehicles and their trailers
76/759/EEC Direction indicator lamps for motor vehicles and their trailers
76/760/EEC Rear registration plate lamps for motor vehicles and their trailers
76/761/EEC Motor vehicle headlamps which function as main-beam and/or dipped-beam headlamps and incandescent electric filament lamps for such headlamps
76/762/EEC Front fog lamps for motor vehicles and filament lamps for such lamps
77/538/EEC Rear fog lamps for motor vehicles and their trailers
77/539/EEC Reversing lamps for motor vehicles and their trailers
77/540/EEC Parking lamps for motor vehicles
77/541/EEC Safety belts and restraint systems of motor vehicles
78/932/EEC Head restraints of seats of motor vehicles
91/226/EEC Spray-suppression systems of certain categories of motor vehicles and their trailers
92/22/EEC Safety glazing and glazing materials on motor vehicles and their trailers
94/20/EC Mechanical coupling devices of motor vehicles and their trailers and their attachment to those vehicles
95/28/EC Burning behaviour of materials used in interior construction of certain categories of motor vehicles
2001/56/EC Heating systems for the passenger compartment of motor vehicles


 ECE-regulation No ECE R
 1  Headlamps (including R2 and/or HS1 lamps)
 3  Retro-reflecting devices
 4  Illumination of rear registration plates
 5  Sealed beam headlamps
 6  Direction indicators
 7  Position, stop and end-outline lamps
 8  Headlamps (H1, H2, H3, HB3, HB4, H7, H8, H9, HIR1 and/or HIR21)
 10  Electromagnetic compatibility
 14  Safety-belt anchorages
 16  Safety-belts
 17  Strength of seats, their anchorages and head restraints
 19  Front fog lamps
 20  Headlamps (H4)
 21  Interior fittings
 22  Protective helmets and visors
 23  Reversing lamps
 25  Head restraints (headrests)
 27  Advance warning triangles
 31  Headlamps (halogen sealed beam (HSB))
 34  Prevention of fire risks
 37  Filament lamps
 38  Rear fog lamps
 43  Safety glazing
 45  Headlamp cleaners
 46  Devices for indirect vision
 50  Position, stop, direction indicator lamps for mopeds and motorcycles
 55  Mechanical couplings
 56  Headlamps (mopeds)
 58  Rear underrun protective devices (RUPDs)
 65  Special warning lamps
 69  Rear-marking plates for slow moving vehicles
 70  Rear-marking plates for heavy and long vehicles
 77  Parking lamps
 80  Strength of seats and their anchorages (buses)
 81  Rear view mirrors (motorcycles/mopeds)
 82  Headlamps (HS2) (moped)
 87  Daytime running lamps
 91  Side marker lamps
 98  Headlamps with gas-discharge light sources
 99  Gas-discharge light sources
 104  Retro-reflective markings
 112  Headlamps emitting an asymmetrical passing beam
 113  Headlamps emitting a symmetrical passing beam
 118  Fire resistance of interior materials
 119  Cornering lamps
 122  Heating systems
 123  Adaptive front-lighting systems (AFS)

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