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Handbook for performing ultrasound temperature measurements in pipes.
This webpage gives information on how one can perform temperature measurements in pipe flows by means of measuring the speed of sound of the fluid. The contents of this handbook are:
  • Introduction -  Introduction and table of contents of this webpage handbook. This page.
  • Measurement principle - The theory on which the method is founded.
  • Simulation of measurement principle - An interactive Java-applet for simulating the measurement principle.
  • Overview of the needed equipment - An overview of the equipment that is needed for performing temperature measurements with the help of ultrasound. 
  • Calibration - Description of the calibration of the measurement device.
  • Testing - Methodology of how the device can be tested.
  • Measurement Procedure - Description of the entire measurement procedure.
  • Uncertainty - Estimates of the measurement uncertainty that can be achieved.
  • Publications - Selected publications on the measurement principle.
  • Speed of sound - References to databases with traceable speed of sound.

The idea of this webpage handbook is to give a simple overview of the method which is not extensive. More information can be found on the links to the right and in the reports available on the publication page.

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