Tents for 150 people and more under the Public Order Act must be inspected and approved for use in the general meeting(eg, religion, theater, circus) and public events (eg sports, dance, carnival, markets).

RISE performs as an accredited body such inspection. Accepted tents to approval certificate containing a brief description of the tent and the conditions for its use.


Tents that are inspected and approved will receive an approval certificate. List of valid authorization certificate, you can find here.
They show, among other things:

  • Periode of validity
  • Time when re-fire testing must be done
  • Marking the appearance
  • Brief description of the tent incl. sketch
  • Description of any fittings
  • Terms of use



For a tent that is sewn by approved canvas need not be tested the first five years after  manufacture.

For a tent that is uppsytt of non-approved canvas or cloth which is older than 5 years required fire test.


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