Test/Certification of measuring instrument

The SP Group holds extensive certifications covering many sectors, products and technology fields. Industry has demanding requirements in respect of the performance and function of its measuring instruments and other equipment. SP tests and certifies measuring instruments for use in trade, in laboratories, in process industries and for many other applications.

There are many positive effects for companies and businesses of attaching greater importance to their measuring instruments and processes.  In addition to the direct market benefits, results can include better process knowledge, improved safety and reduced environmental impact. 

SP:  broad experience and major resources

SP's comprehensive experience in measurement and measuring instruments, in combination with our resources in the field of environmental testing, validation of software and of functions controlled by software, have meant that our customers come from national and international spheres.  As measuring instruments and systems become increasingly complex, so will the need for verification increase and spread to many more sectors. 

SP follows EU directives for testing and certification

EU directives require that, where services such as electricity, water or heat are metered, or where products are weighed or measured by volume, the metering or weighing/measuring instruments must be tested and certified.  SP is a Notified Body within the EU for several of these areas, and can therefore provide a wide range of services linked to the directives in order to meet requirements on national and international markets.  

Testing and approval of weighing instruments

RISE performs type examination and testing of all kinds of weighing instruments, and type approval certificates are issued.Read more...

Test and certification of electrical energy meters

RISE tests and certifies watt-hour meters according to national regulations and Swedish, European and international standards. The testing as well as the certification is accredited by SWEDAC, the official accreditation body in Sweden. Read more...

Testing volume and flow meters

SP is a Notified Body for type-testing and certification under the Measuring Instruments Directive for fuel meters, heat meters and water meters. Read more...
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