Thermal analysis

Thermal analysis comprises a set of frequently applied analytical techniques for studying the thermal behavior of materials. The techniques allow for identification and characterization of polymeric materials, studying the degradation behavior and chemical reactions (e.g. curing). Our equipment fleet consists of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), and Thermogravimetric Analyzer equipped with a DSC-function (TGA/DSC).

Thermal analysis provides valuable information regarding differences in composition, thermal history and stabilization of polymeric materials. This information is often essential in failure analysis and service life assessment of polymeric products.

We are accredited for a number of standards in the field of thermal analysis.

DSC and temperature-modulated DSC

for investigating e.g.:

 • Melt Temperature (Tm)
 • Glass transition temperature (Tg)
 • Crystallinity
 • Chemical reactions (e.g. curing)
 • Oxidation stability (OIT)
 • Specific heat capacity (Cp) for solid homogeneous samples

TGA (equipped with a DSC-function)

For investigating e.g.:

 • Plastic/rubber composition (plasticizers, polymer, fillers etc.)
 • Carbon black content
 • Thermal stability
 • Exothermal/endothermal decomposition processes
 • Qualitative and quantitative determination of outgoing substances (e.g. degradation products) at different temperatures.

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