RISE ensures that Fröken Ur always tells the right time

Nya och 'Gammla' FrökenFröken Ur is the Swedish speaking clock service. RISE Time and Frequency laboratory provides the time signal, while Telia distributes it from the laboratory to callers.

Fröken Ur is a telephone service, delivering the time in spoken form to callers.  Telia distributes the signal to callers, while RISE Time and Frequency laboratory in Borås produces the time information and delivers it to Telia's network. 


Historically, a speaking clock time signal service has been available in Sweden since 1934, when the first machine for delivering the spoken output was installed.  Any telephone subscriber could phone it to hear the time at any time of the day, which is the service that is still provided. 
In 2000, the service was transferred from Telia's premises in Stockholm to RISE Time and Frequency laboratory in Borås, which meant that it was directly connected to the atomic clocks that maintain the country's national time scale. 

Fröken Ur's information

Fröken Ur indicates the hour, minute and every tenth second by means of a 1 kHz tone.  Once a minute, the announcement also includes the day, month and year, while the changeovers between normal and summer time are announced one day before and one day after the changeover dates. 

The number and the voices

The telephone number to the service is 90 510.  Since the start, the voice has been provided by Eva Ulvby (1934-1956), Berit Hofling (1956-1968), Ebba Beckman (1968-2000) and Johanna Östlund (2000-. . . . ).   

Time and frequency calibration via GPS

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