Calibration of stopwatches

With the help of our ‘Framtid’ program, you can perform as many on-site calibrations as you need, and obtain the corresponding calibration certificates and traceable uncertainty of measurement calculations.

Sooner or later, anyone who uses any type of stopwatch needs to check that it is measuring correctly. This can be done with the help of our ‘Framtid’ program, which connects to RISE time service to provide traceable calibration and a certified calibration certificate.

On-site calibration
We have developed a special program for calibration of ordinary stopwatches, which enables them to be calibrated on-site. The program is interactive and, on completion of successful calibration, automatically issues a calibration certificate that provides traceability back to RISE and an uncertainty of measurement in accordance with EA Publication EA-4/02.

At present, the cost of the actual program is free. The only cost is for the telephone call to our computer time service or for an Internet subscription.

Calibration certificate 
Using the ‘Framtid’ program allows you to calibrate stopwatches as often as you wish, and to receive a calibration certificate with traceable uncertainty of measurement calculations.


Calibration at RISE
We also offer calibration at our laboratories in Borås. 

Software for time

Perform your own on-site calibrations with our "Framtid" program.

RISE ensures that Fröken Ur always tells the right time

Fröken Ur is the Swedish speaking clock service. RISE Time and Frequency laboratory provides the time signal, while Telia distributes it from the laboratory to callers. Read more...

Time Synchronisation

Our calibration service offers measurements with accuracies from tenth of seconds up to a billionth of a second. The measurements are performed at SP or on-site at the customers lab.Read more...

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