Information about ISO 5658-2 Flame Spread

ISO 5658-2, Flame spread laterally on vertically mounted products

Main use

The method is included in EN 45545-2 for products used on trains. It’s also used by IMO (International Maritime Organization) for products on ships, see IMO 2010 FTP code, part 5.

In the method, the radiation level at the position where the flame front on the center line extinguishes is measured.

Examples of products that can be tested in this method
Building products in trains or ships such as flooring, finishes (walls and ceilings).

Specimens required for testing

Complete test

6 specimens, 795 mm x 155 mm. Maximum thickness 50 mm.

Indicative test 

2 specimens, 795 mm x 155 mm. Maximum thickness 50 mm.

Procedure for the test
The specimen is mounted in the specimen holder in combination with a substrate. It is vertically positioned during test and exposed to heat radiation from a radiation panel. The test is conducted with a pilot flame.
The time when the specimen is ignited is noted and the time when the flame reaches every 50 mm station along the specimen is noted. Time to flame out of the flame front on the center line, burnt length and any occurrence of burning droplets are noted. Three trials are performed.

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