Transport of dangerous goods

Safe and efficient transport of goods and materials is very important for a modern society. Safety encompasses such aspects as effects on the goods being transported, protection against attack and protection of local surroundings and the environment.

Based on technical considerations, SP provides services in the field of safety of transport that can help to assist the safety aspects of transport.

SP is involved in the transport of dangerous goods in its capacity as a testing and evaluation body for packaging, tanks and other transport and handling equipment and systems. The heart of this work lies in verification that products fulfil strict safety requirements, as set out in regulations and agreements.

We also serve to provide a technical resource for the development and assessment of packaging and materials handling, particularly in aspects such as the mechanical, climatological and chemical effects of goods when handled or in transport. Based on the results of such work, we can develop appropriate test programmes. Investigations of damage, too, fall within our remit.

Our work constantly generates new experience and knowledge, which we disseminate through courses and seminars, and apply through advisory services to public authorities and participation in research projects.

SP – your resource for safe transport.


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