Safety in tunnels

RISE has extensive experience in tunnel safety. We are active in a wide variety of fields, ranging from the testing of materials for vehicles to the performing full-scale fire tests in tunnels.

Detection and extinguishing systems in tunnels is an area that is becoming increasingly more important area. We can test construction items and materials in different scales and carry out various kinds of calculations and modeling, for instance, heat transfer impact on to structures. We are also engaged as consultants in connection with various fire protection safety projects in different types of underground facilities.

We have extensive experience of research in the tunnel area and has participated in several  European research projects. SP has a tunnel platform, the SP Tunnel with the intention to gather and develop key competence in the area of safety in tunnels. More information about the tunnel platform can be found below.

RISE is responsible for the international conference ISTSS (International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security). The next conference is ISTSS 2018. We collaborates with a number of universities including Lund University, where Haukur Ingason is Adjunct Professor of Fire Safety Engineering and Mälardalen University in Västerås, where Anders Lönnermark is Adjunct Professor of Fire Safety Engineering.

Important areas
  • Fire growth and fire spread
  • Fires in vehicles
  • Modeling of tunnel fires
  • Fire Investigations
  • Full scale tests in tunnels
  • Model scale experiments
  • The design fires
  • Smoke ventilation
  • Extinguishing systems in tunnels
  • Fire Resistance
  • Spalling of concrete
  • Risks of new vehicle fuels


Tunnel and Underground Safety Centre (TUSC)

SP's research platform for underground constructions (TUSC) has a unique competence in the area of fire, risk and safety. Read more...

Fires in tunnels

RISE works with a number of important tunnel projects. We conduct research on extinguishing systems and we participate in several tests of extinguishing systems in full scale.Read more...


International conference on safety in tunnels.

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Anders Lönnermark

Phone: +46 10 516 56 91

Haukur Ingason

Phone: +46 10 516 51 97

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Phone 010-516 50 00, E-mail

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