Type approvals and inspection of factory production control

Typgodkännande och tillverkningskontrollType approval is a national system for assessment and verification of the compliance of construction products with requirements in the Swedish building regulations.

The national type approval signals that the characteristics of the products have been assessed with respect to relevant sections of the national building regulations, for the intended use of that product.
The type approval assessment is therefore limited to the specified sections of the regulations, and refers to those.
References are made to sections in the BBR, Boverket's Building Regulations, and/or paragraphs in the EKS, the mandatory provisions and general guidance on the application of European construction standards (Eurocodes).
Type approval of building products is an accredited certification scheme.
Product characteristics have been verified through testing in a competent testing agency or through calculations. The manufacturing process is subject to regular surveillance inspections, by a third party, of its quality systems for factory production control.

SP publishes type approvals on its website, which is of great help to both users and owners.
An approval will help the building proprietor/user to verify that a construction product meets the Swedish building regulations, when used and installed in accordance with the intended use, as described in the approval and the associated document (installation instructions).
Associated documents are published together with the approval. Approval holders may refer to approvals and show that the product is tested and certified by a third party and meets the Swedish building regulations.
An approval is valid for maximum of five years, thereafter the approval can be extended for additional five year periods.
The approval gives the right to use the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning fork brand (t). This is not allowed for products where CE marking is possible, according to a harmonized standard or if the product is covered by an ETA.

The way to a type approval:
For SP Certification, to start and carry out an approval project,
the following documentation is required:
• Application form
• Product or system description (e.g. drawings and description of materials)
• A description of the intended use
• Installation instructions
• Report from testing and/or calculations
• Brief description of the manufacturer's factory production control

SP Certification can, upon receipt of the above information, perform an initial evaluation. We will make an assessment if documentation needs to be completed or if we can proceed with the assessment and issue the approval. Approved products shall have such a marking that, when the inspection before use is performed, the markings can be checked to ensure that the correct products have been supplied and that they will be used in accordance with the requirements stated in the approval.



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