Calibration of vacuum gauges

Vacuum gauges that indicate that a process is operating at the ”correct” pressure level are important in many industrial processes. A wrongly measured vacuum can cause a quality deterioration in the product or, in the worst case, require the process to be stopped. Calibration of vacuum gauges is therefore a simple way of ensuring the quality of a vacuum.
Many processes operate under vacuum

Many industrial processes operate under vacuum:  examples include distillation, drying, metal sputtering and impregnation, and other metal processing and metalworking applications. 


Vacuum is also needed in vacuum tubes (e.g. image sensors, x-ray and neon tubes), incandescent lamps and vacuum flasks.  Other applications include transport, plastic moulding and lifting, while vacuum is often used in surface cleaning processes. 

Measurement range

We calibrate vacuum gauges down to 5*10-4 Pa absolute in nitrogen.

Calibration of vacuum gauges is necessary in order to:  
  • Ensure product stability. 
  • Trace production problems more quickly. 
  • Meet quality requirements. 
  • Be aware of each instrument's display error and correct for it. 
  • Ensure repeatable measurements. 
  • Decide whether the instrument is sufficiently accurate for an intended application. 
  • Ensure acceptable research results that are reproducible and of sufficient quality to be relevant. 

New methods to calibrate low gas flow

The aim of the project is to calibrate low mass gas flows and standard / fixed leaks with good accuracy. Read more...

Cleaning of sensors


The traceability chain - the link to basic quantities

A key concept of measurement technology is that of traceability, which means that all measurements made with a calibrated instrument or device must have a directly traceable link back to the defined quantity. Read more...

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