Fire tests of vehicles

SP Fire Protection performs a large number of tests on a variety of different car components every year. Our testing facilities offer great opportunities for the customers to get custom designed tests and evaluations of their products with efficiency and accuracy. We performe tests on components as well as whole cars.

Engine components such as fuel hoses and fuel filters can be tested according to manufacurers own requirements, ISO standards and E/ECE standards. We perform fuel tank tests according to EEC Directive 70/221/EEC annex 1, clause 6.3.5, including amendment Directive 2006/20/EC and also tests of extinguishing systems for cars according to FIA standards. 

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FAR 25.853, Airworhiness Standard: Transport Category Airplanes
CEN/TS 45545-2 Fire safety - trains
ISO 3795, Burning rate road vehicles
VOLVO STD 5031,1, Flammability, interior materials
VOLVO STD 1027,5158, Ignitability, afterglow
UIC 564-2 Fire safety of trains
Testing of fuel tanks     


Fires in vehicles

Attention is being paid to fires in vehicles as a result of accidents all over Europe. The choice and fitting of interior materials affects the fire safety of private cars, buses and coaches. Read more...

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