RISE has a long and wide experience in measurements of vibrations. Some of our working fields are shortly described below.

Vibration measurements on machines for CE-marking according to the machinery directive

According to EU´s machinery directive shall manufacturers of machines declare the vibration levels the operators are subjected to. The declaration shall be based on measurements under standardised operating conditons and include information about its uncertainty. RISE can make hand-arm and whole-body vibration measurements and also assist in calculating proper values for vibration declarations. RISE also has a test rig for concrete breakers and picks > 20J.

P-marking of hand-held vibrating machines

The P-mark is RISE certification system. To get the P-mark for a vibrating machine, three samples of it has to be type tested. Based on the test result, the machine is approved for a vibration class numbered from 0 to 7, where class 0 is the one with lowest vibration level.

Vibrations at the workplace

According to EU´s physical agents directive,the employer has to assess the vibration levels his workers are exposed to. RISE makes vibration and noise measurements at the workplace and calculates vibration doses.

Vibrations in buildings

Vibrations in buildings can have different sources,  e.g. traffic, construction activities or installations in the building. Measurements of vibrations can have two aims, determining comfort or risk of damage of the building or its installations. RISE is making vibration measurements both in domestic houses and in business buildings.


RISE is calibrating most kinds of vibration measurement equipment.

Other services

RISE can characterize mechanical structures,  e.g. by measure mobility, mechanical impedance or the relation between mechanical excitation and and acoustic radiation.

We can measure loss factor on damping materials.


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Sound and vibration

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Machinery noise

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Environmental noise

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