Certification of polymer waste

Different recycling methods, such as mechanical recycling, composting and combustion have different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is important that different solutions pass scientific tests and criteria intended to show whether a proposed solution can create true environmental benefits.
Demand for a certification- and labelling system

While the amount of compostable/biodegradable materials as well as recyclable materials grows, the risk of mixing also increases, and this can cause large environmental and economical losses.

All these arguments show the demand for a certification- and labelling system for treatment of polymeric waste. Today there is only one complete certification system that covers all types of waste treatment concerning plastics. This system has been developed by SP and is used for qualification of materials and products for treatment of waste by mechanical recycling, biodegradation (industrial composting, home composting etc.) and combustion with energy recovery.

The system is described in SPCR 141 (SP:s CertificationRules) and consists of test methods and criteria for acceptance. The intention is to, with a complete and easily understandable system, make it easier for producers to get a relevant and objective verification of characteristics, while the end users can use it as instructions for waste handling.

Our long experience of polymeric materials and a large contact net of customers like producers, users and other waste handlers gives us a broad base with which to handle waste enquiries.

The first certificate!

Read about the company which is first in Sweden with the SP -label. See the link to the right on this page (only in Swedish).

Waste labelling
Waste marking ”Laundry label"

There are high demands on municipalities, households and individual commissioners to sort out used materials. Our certification system therefore contains a waste labelling of products similar to labels showing washing instructions in clothes. The different possibilities for waste treatment are shown with different symbols that are crossed over if the material does not fulfil the necessary requirements for that symbol. Behind each symbol lies a test program that constitutes the base for labelling. Read more under the links to the right on this page.  

The certification- and labelling system contains test methods and requirements for the following polymeric waste:

  • Industrial composting
  • Biological degradation after exposure to sunlight or heat
  • Small scale (home) composting
  • Digestion
  • Mechanical recycling
  • Energy recycling
  • Special polymeric waste

Read more about the certification rules under the link to the right on this page.

Reference group

There are a number of interested parties that are involved in a reference group for the above mentioned certification- and labelling system. If You are interested in joining this reference group or interested in testing/certification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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