Water Mist Systems

Water mist is still a technology under rapid development and we have conducted many commercial tests for different manufacturers and also taken active part in the development of the IMO’s test protocols for ship’s machinery spaces and accommodation areas, as well as the development of the NFPA 750 installation standard.

For the time being, the fire extinguishing performance of a water mist system has to be verified for the specific risk with regard to the protective objectives desired by the end user. Tests at RISE receive world-wide recognition amongst certification and approval bodies. Based on our knowledge about water mist we can help in system evaluation for specific risks, or if necessary, the development of appropriate fire tests procedures.

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In 1996 we held a Nordic Conference on the applicability of water mist systems. All papers presented at the conference are compiled in a report entitled: SP Rapport 1997:02 "Nordisk konferens om vattendimmans användningsområden".
In 1993 we held an International Conference on water mist suppression systems. All papers presented at the conference are compiled in a report entitled: "Water Mist Instead of Halon?".

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