Checking your control weights is most important in order to ensure that the readings from your weighing instruments are correct. We can help you by calibrating and verifying your balance weights.

We offer the following services for weights:

  • Calibration, which means that measuring the mass (the weight) of the balance weight, specifying the uncertainty of measurement.
  • Tolerance checking, which means checking whether the measured value of mass lies within a specified range.
  • Verification, which means determination/checking the density of the balance weight, and checking its magnetism and surface smoothness.  
  • Provision of a history of previous calibrations, enabling you to monitor the stability of your weights. 

Testing and approval of weighing instruments

RISE performs type examination and testing of all kinds of weighing instruments, and type approval certificates are issued.Read more...

Calibration of control weights

We can help you by calibrating your weights and checking their tolerance classes. Read more...

Verification of weights

Verification is performed to check that the weight has the required properties in respect of the weight's density, magnetism and surface smoothness. Read more...

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