X-Ray for quality assessment and non-destructive error tracing

Non-destructive error tracing is a very important tool when quality assessment of electronic circuit boards is to be performed or complex defects are to be located. By applying X-ray or Industrial computed tomography (CT) we have the ability to locate production or quality issues without destroying the sample.
3D measurements without disassembling the sample

The same technology can be used for making 3D measurements and comparisons with CAD drawings without disassembling the sample, ensuring that fully encapsulated units have no molding voids or internal cables are moving freely through guides or hinges.

SP in Denmark’s facility is equipped with two units to help solve these type of problems.

2D and 3D images for quick scanning and failure analysis

The Comet – Cougar is a combined 2D and 3D system, normally used for quick 2D exposure of larger quantities of samples with the option for macro programming of automatic checking of “point of interest”. It can also be used for 3D failure analysis that is not visible in 2D.

High resolution 3D images

The Phoenix – Nanotom is a 3D high resolution system. It constructs the 3D image from many (more than 500) 2D images. This process uses a lot of computing power working with often 10 – 20 GB, but up to 128 GB of data.

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